Title Author Publication Year
Couples coping with sensory loss: a dyadic study of the roles of self- and perceived partner-acceptance

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British Journal of Health Psychology 2018 (in press)
Physical Activity and related psychosocial outcomes from a pilot randomized trial of an IVR-supported intervention in the Deep South

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Risk of hypoglycemia in youth with type 2 diabetes on insulin

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The intersection of men's sexual violence perpetration and sexual risk behavior: a literature review

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Aggression and Violent Behavior 2018 (in press)
Acculturation, cultural values, and breastfeeding in overweight or obese, low income, Hispanic women at one month postpartum

...Elizabeth Reifsnider...

Journal of Human Lactation 2018
Foreword: Family Community Health

Elizabeth Reifsnider and Y Davila

Family & Community Health 2018
Hair as a barrier to physical activity among African American women: a qualitative exploration

Rodney P. Joseph, K Coe, BE Ainsworth, HP Hooker, LM Mathis, Colleen Keller

Frontiers in Public Health 2018
The effects of psychosocial intervention on health outcomes for caregivers of hematopoietic stem cell transplant patients

...Shelby Langer...

Hematologic Malignancy Reports 2018
Immigration and Acculturation

M. Class & Felipe Gonzalez Castro 

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Predicting child nutritional intake: The interactive role of food-specific parenting strategies and dispositional parenting style

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