Title Author Publication Year
Foreword: Family Community Health

Elizabeth Reifsnider and Y Davila

Family & Community Health 2018
An event-level investigation of factors associated with young women’s experiences of coerced consensual sex

...Kelly Cue Davis...

Journal of Interpersonal Violence 2017 (In Press)
How men’s sexual assault victimization experiences differ based on their sexual history

R. Wegner & Kelly Cue Davis

Journal of Interpersonal Violence 2017 (In Press)
Immigration and Acculturation

M. Class & Felipe Gonzalez Castro 

The International Encyclopedia of Anthropology 2017 (In Press)
Predicting child nutritional intake: The interactive role of food-specific parenting strategies and dispositional parenting style

Shelby L. Langer, et al....

Appetite 2017 (In Press)
Yoga resets my inner peace barometer”: a qualitative study illuminating the pathways of how yoga impacts one’s relationship to oneself and to others Complementary Therapies in Medicine 2017 (In press)
Study design of a meditative movement intervention compared to sham and educational control in fatigued breast cancer survivors

Linda K. Larkey, M. Pedersen,& Jennifer Huberty

Contemporary Clinical Trials 2017 ( In press)
A descriptive analysis of alcohol behaviors across gender identity subgroups within a sample of transgender adults

...Kelly Cue Davis

Addictive Behaviors 2017
A Mobile, Avatar-Based App for Improving Body Perceptions Among Adolescents: A Pilot Test

...Rebecca E. Lee

JMIR Serious Games 2017
A randomized controlled trial to prevent infant overweight in a high-risk population.

Elizabeth Reifsnider..

Academic Pediatrics 2017