Current Research

Research training in drug abuse prevention
Research Duration: 2021 to 2026
Principal Investigator: Nancy Gonzalez
CHPDP Collaborator: Angela Chia-Chen Chen (Investigator)
Funding: NIH/NIDA

T32: Train 3 pre-doctoral and 3 post-doctoral fellows annually to conduct research that reduces the gap between real-world practice and evidence-based preventive interventions targeting substance use and abuse.

Discrimination, Health and Vaccine Acceptance among Chinese, Korean, and Vietnamese Americans amid COVID-19
Research Duration: 2021 to 2022
Principal Investigator: Angela Chia-Chen Chen
Funding: Sigma Theta Tau International Grant

The purpose of this study is to conduct timely and time-sensitive research that examines how racial/ethnic discrimination toward our target populations amid COVID-19 has negatively impacted their preventive behaviors, health and healthcare seeking behaviors, including vaccination intent and uptake.


Development of a Tech-based Intervention to Promote COVID-19 Vaccination
Research Duration: 2021
Principal Investigator: Angela Chia-Chen Chen
Funding: ASU Edson College PhD Program Seed Grant



Feasibility Study of a Novel mHealth Intervention to Build Resilience and Reduce Burden for Family Caregivers of AD Patients
Research Duration: 2021 to 2022
Principal Investigator: Linda Larkey
CHPDP Collaborator: Sunny Kim (Co-I)
Funding: Edson Discovery Pilot Awards for Dementia Caregiving

To examine feasibility of implementing a heart rate variability biofeedback (HRVB) intervention and a music listening control with AD family caregivers. 

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Feasibility and acceptability of Family-Focused Facilitated Fitness, a couple-based physical activity intervention for hematopoietic cell transplant recipients and their caregiving partners
Research Duration: 2021 to 2022
Principal Investigator: Shelby Langer; Nandita Khera
Funding: Mayo Clinic and ASU Seed Grant Program

This project will study the feasibility of an exercise intervention involving people undergoing cancer treatment for a hematologic malignancy along with their caregiver. The study will also look at the use of a new, wearable device to track steps and assess communication between partners.

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Explicating Family Processes to Support Diabetes Prevention in Latino Families
Research Duration: 2021 to 2022
Principal Investigator: Gabriel Shaibi
Funding: ASU Institute for Social Science Research

This project will conduct interviews with past research participants to gain insight into potential adaptations of their current intervention to enhance its reach and diffusion for the family system and to identify ways to meet the diabetes prevention needs of high-risk Latino families. 

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COVID-19 and Asian Americans: Vulnerability and Resiliency
Research Duration: 2021 to 2023
Principal Investigator: Angela Chia-Chen Chen
Funding: National Science Foundation

This project aims to raise awareness about the divesity of Asian-American experienes and resources in regards to COVID-19. 

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Back to ECE Safely with SAGE: Reducing COVID-19 Transmission in Hispanic and Low-income Preschoolers
Research Duration: 2021 to 2023
Principal Investigator: Rebecca Lee
Funding: NIH

This research will test young children (age 3-5 years) and their parents using a COVID-19 saliva test and will be done as part of a coordinated strategy to get kids back to in-person learning safely.

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Weight reduction and cognitive health: A pilot study testing a remotely delivered, mindful eating intervention among obese mid-life adults
Research Duration: 2021 to 2022
Principal Investigator: Dara James
CHPDP Collaborator: Linda Larkey
Funding: ASU Institute for Social Sciences Research

The project will enroll mid-life adults with obesity to participate in a remotely delivered intervention to improve cognitive function and reduce risk factors for obesity-related diseases.

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Technology-based Intervention for Alcohol-related Sexual Risk Behaviors in Young Women with Sexual Victimization Histories
Research Duration: 2021 to 2023
Principal Investigator: Blayney
CHPDP Collaborator: Kelly Cue Davis (Co-Mentor)
Funding: NIH/NIAAA

The goal of the proposed research is to develop and test a specialized web-based intervention to reduce alcohol-related sexual risk behaviors among young women with sexual victimization histories, a high-risk and underserved group. (K99)