Meet Our Members

Gabby (Member since 2015)

Gabby is a senior at Westview High School in Phoenix and she joined the CHPDP YAB because she wanted to better her community and inspire change in the way they live their lives in regards to being healthy, both emotionally and physically. The idea that she could help her community through research inspired her to join the board. She feels being a member of the board has helped her become a better leader in her personal life and gave her a new perspective on the impact of research.

Being highly involved in her school has given her the opportunity to connect to several different students and shows me that I can reach others to promote health. She is currently the President of the National Honor Society, President and Brass Captain of the Knight Marching Band, Vice President of the Ladies Knight Gold Team, and involved in many other clubs. In her free-time she likes to play golf, practice her viola, stay up-to-date on elections, and research social issues.

“I have not only learned how to properly conduct scientific experiments but also how to connect and how to apply that knowledge to the world around me. The YAB gave me new perspectives on the impact research can provide for the community.”

Jared (Member since 2015)

Jared is currently a sophomore at North High School in Phoenix. He joined the CHPDP Youth Advisory Board because he wants to help the community and learn more about the health and medical field. Health promotion, to Jared, is leading a healthy life for himself while helping others make good choices as well.

Jared is also part of Upward Bound, a program that helps students on the path to college. His YAB experiences have given him the confidence and leadership skills to join his school’s student government as well. When he’s not busy with student government and the YAB, Jared likes to beat his friends and family at board games!

“My experience in the YAB has helped me better my leadership qualities and also gave me the opportunity to meet great people and learn new things.”

Anjelica (Member since 2015)

Anjelica is a senior at Higley High School in Gilbert, Arizona. She joined the CHPDP YAB to learn more about health (specifically making good health choices), share her new knowledge with others, and enhance her leadership skills. To Anjelica, health promotion means leading a healthier lifestyle in all aspect by making good decisions. Reflecting on her own well-being, while gaining new knowledge about living a healthy lifestyle, has shown her that she can have an impact on others’ choices as well.

Anjelica feels the experiences on campus as a YAB member has enhance her awareness of the resources (including highly educated faculty and staff) available at ASU, including the behind-the-scenes research that takes place. When she’s not attending YAB meetings she likes being active with friends and family. This usually includes anything from ice skating to watching a good movie!

“YAB is a remarkable program that I would recommend to anyone, even if their career interest is not in the medical field. It’s a phenomenal program that enables you to make a difference and learn how to become an advocate for your community. It is frankly one of the best youth programs I have been involved in and I would do it all over again if I could. I deeply appreciate the opportunity to be a part of YAB.”

Guadalupe (Member since 2015)

Guadalupe is a senior at Tempe High School. She joined the CHPDP YAB for new experiences, build her social skills, help her community, and become a better leader. The YAB has helped Guadalupe open her eyes to see that having different mind sets and ethnicities can really make a difference. Guadalupe believe health promotion means spreading the word about leading a healthy life in order to help out the community.

So far, Guadalupe feels the YAB has been informative and very fun while providing the on-campus experience to learn about health and leadership. She has many past community experiences including hospital volunteering, tutoring, and orchestra. Some of her hobbies include drawing, singing, swimming, playing instruments, and leading the H.O.P.E. club as the role of Vice President.

“I am really glad that I joined this (YAB) and didn’t take it for granted. I’m happy I got to make more friends, a group of young, smart, and diverse youth.”

Kirsten (Member since 2016)

Kirsten is a senior at Sunrise Mountain High School. She joined the YAB because she has an interest in seeing both health and disease and would like to see how the CHPDP applies their work to these topics in the “real world.” She’s also interested in meeting new people and building friendships with others who also have an interest in helping their community.

“To me, health promotion and disease prevention means creating a healthier and safer world for everyone. It is an important job to make sure others are aware (of dangers) and to get the word out on how to prevent diseases. Everyone deserves a good, healthy lifestyle!”

In her free time, Kirsten participates in art club, Skills USA, and helps with church events. You may also find her playing video games, making art of all kinds, listening to music, cooking, or researching parasites or illnesses!  

Angel (Member since 2016)

Angel is a junior at Greenway High School who joined the CHPDP YAB because his family has a history of diabetes and he’s interested in the work the CHPDP does to prevent Type 2 diabetes. He sees the struggles his grandfather goes through because of this disease and saw joining the YAB as an opportunity to help. Serving on the YAB will also give him the chance to meet and interact with professors at ASU!

You may find Angel attending sporting events, spending time with his family, or at his school’s Key Club in his free time. He looks forward to joining the tennis team this coming spring!  

“Promoting health and preventing disease means helping my community, and other communities, by informing them of healthy lifestyle practices.”

Diana (Member since 2016)

As a senior at Metro Tech High School, Diana joined the CHPDP YAB to help promote healthy living to her community, friends and family. She’s like to spread the word about how to lead healthier lives and continue to live one herself!

“I have seen people die due to health issues so health promotion and disease prevention is very important to me! I want to know what being healthy means so I can pass this on to my family and community.”

In school, Diana belongs to the Spanish Honors Society, Educators Rising, and plays softball. In her free time, she likes to read, work out, spend time with family, and walk around downtown Phoenix! 

Jocelyn (Member since 2016)

Jocelyn is a senior at North High School who joined the CHPDP YAB to become more informed about the community around her. She believes joining groups like the YAB will help her later in life as she pursues a career in medicine.

“Health promotion is about taking care of the people in the world around me, teaching them how to be healthy, caring for them when they are sick, and showing them what emotional, physical and mental health looks like. I believe the YAB is a great place to start my medical career path! It will help me learn more about research and the program provides mentorship and guidance for my future. Everyone is worth a healthy life!”

Jocelyn is on her school’s Student Government, National Honors Society and Future Business Leaders of America, plays tennis, and participates in fashion club. She also enjoys spending time with family and friends, taking her 2-year-old brother to the park, and planning (and attending) events with her student government.

Juanjose (Member since 2016)

As a sophomore at La Joya Community High School in Avondale, Juanjose joined the CHPDP YAB because he is interested in learning how he can help others in his community and expand the CHPDP’s research within that community.

Juanjose enjoys hiking and playing the piano in his free time.

“Health promotion and disease prevention means that our group (YAB) and I will be able to help the community by promoting healthy living in order to prevent diseases!”

Journee (Member since 2016)

Journee is a sophomore at ASU Preparatory Academy in Phoenix. She joined the CHPDP YAB because it was a new opportunity for her to expand her knowledge and leadership skills. She is also interested in bettering her community by educating them on the importance of living healthy lifestyles.

“You are only given one body so you should treat it right…not just for you but your family too! Promoting health and preventing disease means educating and explaining (to the community) what is good or bad for our bodies. My family has a history of different diseases and it is important for everyone to be health conscious to avoid disease.”

She participates in the Phoenix Zoo’s ZooTeens program and runs cross country and track for her school. In her free time, Journee enjoys listening to music, hanging out with her family and pets, running, traveling, and learning about biology!  

Daria (Member since 2016)

Daria is a Bioscience High School student who joined the CHPDP YAB because she believes that everyone can make a difference! She is hoping her experience in the CHPDP YAB will help her in future college and career endeavors.

She is a member of the Dragon Robotics 2375 team with her schoolmates who build robots that complete certain tasks. This team helps her with teamwork, grant writing, building (hardward and software) skills, and much more.

“Health promotion and disease prevention, to me, is how to keep a population happy and healthy. The goal of this is to help support and teach what healthy living is in specific populations.”